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The Webuild Group's websites
Discover all our websites: a digital ecosystem that tells the story of the world we have built in over 117 years of history
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Who we are

We are a global player in the construction of large, complex infrastructure

We are the expression of about 120 years of engineering experience

We are the expression of about 120 years of engineering experience

Webuild is a leading global player in the design and construction of large, complex projects in several key sectors: sustainable mobility (railways, metro, bridges, roads, ports), hydropower (dams for energy purposes, hydropower plants), water (sewage treatment plants, desalination plants, wastewater management, dams for drinking and irrigation purposes), and green buildings (civil and industrial buildings, airports, stadiums, and hospitals).  

By building a new world,
we bring the future closer

In about 120 years of engineering applied to more than 3,200 completed projects around the world, we have built 14,140km of railways and subways, 82,533km of roads and highways, 1,020km of bridges and viaducts, 3,408km of tunnels, 313 dams and hydroelectric plants.  

Among the engineering challenges that most represent our construction capacity are the Genoa San Giorgio Bridge in Italy and the Panama Canal expansion, the Perth Airport Line in Australia and the Stavros Niarchos Foundation Cultural Center in Athens. And, among those currently underway, relevant sections of the Brenner Base Tunnel and the Terzo Valico dei Giovi Genoa Junction, both in Italy.  

Webuild is recognized as the world's leading water infrastructure company and operates in 50 countries, with a workforce of 87 thousand people (direct and third-party) of 100 different nationalities and a supply chain of more than 17,500 partner companies. 

We occupy a prominent position in the infrastructure sector, distinguishing ourselves as one of the few global players with a core business strongly oriented toward the achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and the transition to a low-carbon economy through, the construction of infrastructure that directly contributes to the achievement of these goals. 

Webuild a partner for a sustainable future

Everything began in Italy, in 1906, from the union of entrepreneurs with the same values of excellence and professional ethics. We already had a great vision: to grow by building complex and lasting infrastructure.

Legătura Forrestfield - Aeroport, Perth - Australia

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Wherever we are, we always feel at home

We are present in all 5 continents. People are our strength. We compete with the main global players through the work of a multi-cultural team.

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the global countries where we work to carry out great works that improve people's lives

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Webuild supply chain enterprises around the world, an expression of engineering excellence 

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direct and indirect employees engaged in infrastructure construction worldwide

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in revenues as of December 31, 2023


We contribute to the achievement of 11 of the major Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) through a business model based on efficiency, innovation and responsible conduct

Webuild in Romania

Webuild has an established track record in the design and implementation of major works in Romania, with about 50 completed projects, mainly in the field of sustainable mobility. 

Currently, we are working on some strategic projects employing a workforce of about 2,000 people, including direct and third-party staff. When completed, these projects will provide more than 200 kilometers of modern rail lines and more than 90 kilometers of roads and highways, thus contributing to infrastructure development in the country and improving internal and Europe-wide connections for goods and people. During the implementation phase, these projects will provide job opportunities and vocational training, which can also be used for future initiatives.  

Our experience in the field makes us a strong partner for the implementation of innovative and sustainable infrastructure in Romania, as in all other countries where we operate. In every project implemented, we strive to promote modern, state-of-the-art solutions in accordance with the high design and execution standards of the country's Beneficiary's Technical-Economic Council. 

Among the most complex works completed in Romania is the Bridge over the Danube in Braila, which entered operation in July 2023 and stands out as the second longest suspension bridge in continental Europe, with a length of 1,975 meters and whose main deck reaches 1,120 kilometers.  

We also built the Basarab Overpass, one of the most important projects in Romania for the type of anti-seismic systems adopted, and the "Lia Manoliu" National Stadium in Bucharest, one of the most modern in the country with its spectacular "cabriolet" style retractable roof.   

In Romania, we continue to face significant engineering challenges, including the construction of a section of the Sibiu-Pitesti Highway, which will cross the Carpathians, improving the accessibility of the territories crossed and road safety between the two cities, helping to connect the country from West to East.  

Webuild Our DNA
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Our Projects

We design and implement works that bring progress

Bridge across the Danube River in Braila (Romania), load tests completed on the new bridge

Our Projects in Romania

Webuild global leader in water sector

We are the global leader in the construction of water infrastructure, with experience throughout the water supply chain - Ranking 2023 published by Engineering News-Record (ENR)

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