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Innovative and Smart Builders


Our Innovation and Research and Development Commitment

Innovation is the key we use to face global challenges in a sustainable way

Innovation is one of the strategic pillars of Webuild for the Group's sustainable growth. We invest in innovation and R&D, both a project and corporate level, aiming at leaving a sustainable footprint.

We wish to innovate the sector's standards to be competitive in designing and building complex infrastructures and offer premium-level added value services to the territories and communities where we work, meeting global challenges. We develop technological, contractual and managerial innovative solutions to contribute to exceeding the technical challenges of our projects, making the Group's core corporate processes and activities more efficient. 

In 2022, Webuild designed the first Innovation Centre in Italy, aimed at R&D activities relating to complex innovative solutions based on disruptive cutting-edge technologies, with the aim of improving the Group's efficiency, sustainability and safety.

Webuild invests in Open Innovation, promoting its innovative strategy through continuous partnerships and interactions with its main stakeholders from the "innovation sector", like our start-ups, universities and the most innovative companies. 

Ouk key numbers for innovation

How our works contribute to innovation and sustainability

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Investments in innovation for 2017-2022

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Developed innovation solutions 2017-2022

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Everage annual employees involved in innovation and R&D activities

Construction techniques: innovative solutions for unique projects

Webuild builds sustainable works not just for their impact on communities, but also for how they are built. Every Webuild construction site is an innovation lab that carries out advanced, continuous reseacrh on processes, poducts and materials.

Our innovative potential is best expressed in our design and development activities relating to the projects we are going to build, with the experimental research on material efficiency and energy performances, to optimize our construction processes to constantly improve the operating efficiency and sustainability of the works we build. 

Webuild applies the Lean Construction principles to re-energize its processes, continually focusing on planning and monitoring to improve its performance quality. 

Our commitment to technological innovation begins from our partnerships with the research sector. We apply it in our large global construction sites where we worked at best in class innovative processes and products.

Innovation that you can touch by hand: our best practice projects

From our Panama Canal to the Genoa San Giorgio Bridge in Italy; from Snowy 2.0 in Australia to Lake Mead's Intake Tunnel in the US; from the Terzo Valico high-speed railway to the Riachuelo hydraulic tunnel in Argentina. These works are all great works where technological testing places circular economy, the environment and people at the very centre.

Expansion of the Panama Canal - Third Set of Locks, Panama - Webuild Project
The new Genova San Giorgio Bridge: an innovative way to build
Riachuelo Environmental Restoration System
Terzo Valico dei Giovi - Genova Junction - One Project: Boosting development
Lake Mead Intake Hydraulic Tunnel, USA - Webuild Project
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We innovate Health and Safety

We innovate Health and Safety

Webuild designs every construction site with sustainability in mind, paying great attention to its workers' health and safety. Since the design phase of our construction site, we apply new technologies, modern work models and cutting-edge tools, to ensure safety in every workplace. We test Smart Safety solutions and integrated systems by using man-machine interaction, man-suspended loads interaction sensor systems and the delimitation of greater risk areas. We invest in training and we bring greater awareness to our personnel with regard to Health&Safety topics so that we can spread greater awareness of the potential risks through planned on-the-job training initiatives.

Digitalisation for large sustainable works

Digitalisation for large sustainable works

In a continually evolving technological scenario we are committed to innovation and R&D activities with the aim of developing and implementing digital technology to increase the efficiency of our management processes, acquiring and making the most of our know-how, while also monitoring and improving our performance quality. Our digitilization processes are key components of the Group's innovation strategy. We develop innovative components that use artificial intelligence (AI) and the Internet of Things (IoT) to ease big data processing, therefore making available, in real time, detailed summary outputs within the company.

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