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Bridge over the Danube River in Braila

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In Braila, on the banks of the Danube River, a new suspension bridge, a symbol of Webuild Group's engineering prowess, has been in operation since July 2023. At 1,975 meters in total length, the Danube Bridge in Braila is the longest bridge in Romania and the second longest suspension bridge in continental Europe 

The bridge, which saw more than 1,350 people and a supply chain of 100 direct suppliers at work, has a central span of 1,120 meters, a width of 31.7 meters and two towers 192.4 meters high. An engineering-relevant work that has seen complex, as well as scenic, work completed over the past two years. Such as the assembly of the two load-bearing cables, generated by interweaving more than 18,000 steel wires (more than 9,000 for each cable), weighing a total of 6,775 tons. Or even one of the most challenging phases in the construction of the work, the assembly of the bridge's steel deck: more than 250 workers and specialized technicians were engaged to install the 86 segments that make up the deck, weighing an average of 260 tons each, for whose assembly a specific method of launching and laying was designed. 

Commissioned by CNAIR and implemented by Webuild in collaboration with Japanese partner IHI Infrastructure System Co. Ltd., the project involved the design and construction of the bridge, to which is added a highway section of about 23.5 km in total that is nearing completion. 

The new bridge connects the two banks of the Danube in the Galati and Braila area, reducing river crossing times for the approximately 7,000 vehicles per day that historically have had ferry travel as their only option. With the bridge, a reduction in crossing time from at least 45 minutes to only 2 minutes on weekdays is possible.   

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Bridge over the Danube River in Braila (Romania) - Webuild Project

Bridge over Danube river in Braila

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Bridge over the Danube River in Braila

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