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Curtici-Simeria Railway Line Lot 2B



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Lot 2B of the Curtici-Simeria Railway Line runs through the hills of northwestern Romania. Included in the Pan-European Corridor IV, this section of the line will help speed up and make rail transport safer on the route by increasing transit speed to 160 kilometers per hour for freight trains and 120 kilometers per hour for passenger trains, providing greater transport capacity and benefits for traffic calming in the areas crossed by the route and in terms of reducing CO2 emissions. 

The project involves the modernization of the existing railway line in the Curtici-Simeria section, Section 2B extending from Km 533+246 to Km 569+288, for a total length of 36 kilometers, of which 26 kilometers will be built as a track variant. 

A complex project, which also brought to light and enhanced historical treasures. In fact, the project included the relocation and securing of archaeological artifacts found at Km 547 during the course of the works, which were enhanced with an exhibit project as part of a museum located in the former Varadia de Mures station.  

Major works included in Section 2B include the renovation of a historic station in Savarsin and the construction of two stations and two stops, a building for maintenance activities, and a 618-meter-long tunnel. The route also includes two railway bridges designed to cross the Mures River with lengths of 420 meters and 470 meters, a 72-meter three-span railway bridge and 14 single-span railway bridges, 3 road overpasses and 2 road underpasses.  

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stations and 2 stops to be made

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railway bridges 

Curtici-Simeria Railway Lot 2B

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Curtici-Simeria Railway Line Lot 2B

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