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Curtici-Simeria Railway Line, Lot 3 Gurasada-Simeria



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The Curtici-Simeria Railway Line, Lot 3 Gurasada-Simeria, is an important part of Romania's overall rail infrastructure modernization and renewal path. Part of the Pan-European Corridor IV, the line will help transform the country's rail mobility, making it more competitive with road mobility and promoting sustainable mobility. 

Commissioned by CFR and implemented by Webuild, in consortium, the project involves modernizing and doubling the existing line, built some 150 years ago, with the aim of increasing its safety and transit speed for passengers and freight and bringing it up to European standards.  

The main complexity of the project is the need to carry out the work without interrupting the existing line, which is currently in operation. The section affected by the work stretches for just under 41 kilometers, of which about 6 kilometers is to be built as a route variant. The project also includes the modernization of four railway stations, including the historic Simeria station, which is considered a true architectural asset for the region. In addition, there is the construction of 3 metal bridges across the Mures River with a central span of a maximum length of 110 meters, 4 road overpasses, 3 underpasses and 14 minor bridges, for the construction of which the total use of 145 thousand cubic meters of concrete and just over 8 thousand tons of iron is estimated. 

But the project is not only an engineering feat, as it is also a catalyst for sustainability and economic development. The expected reduction in CO2 emissions, decreased travel time, and increased travel comfort will enable smooth traffic of goods and people on the route from Dresden to Istanbul, via Nuremberg, Prague, Vienna, Budapest, Bucharest, Constanta, Sofia, and Thessaloniki. 

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Curtici-Simmeria Railway Lot 3

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Curtici-Simeria Railway Line, Lot 3 Gurasada-Simeria

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