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We promote a Sustainable World


We carry out works that contribute to the sustainable development of territories

Our commitment to building a sustainable future

Our commitment to building a sustainable future

Our sustainability strategy is integrated into the Group's business model and strategy and is based on two fundamental pillars: Webuild's contribution to global challenges and its ongoing commitment to acting responsibly. 

As a signatory to the Global Compact, Webuild supports global efforts to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) set by the United Nations by 2030. 

The Group's commitment to a more sustainable and low-emission future is reflected in its business areas: sustainable mobility, hydropower, water, and green buildings. 

Webuild's Sustainability Manifesto

Our "5Ps" Sustainability Manifesto represents Webuild's top 5 priorities, which guide our daily actions to ensure excellence, innovation and respect for all our stakeholders. People, Planet, Partnership, Progress, Prosperity: let's build a sustainable future!

Webuild 5P Sustainability Manifesto

The numbers of our daily actions

Activities tell the story of our commitment to sustainable development. Our results show that. 

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people served with Sustainable Mobility 

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people served with Clean Hydro Energy

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people served with Green Water

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people served in the Green Buildings area 

Our projects are the tangible expression of our commitment to building a sustainable future 

Rail and metro lines move millions of people every year, contributing to the development of sustainable mobility. 

Hydropower projects produce clean energy, while desalination and water treatment plants provide potable water where it is scarce.  

We also have great expertise in implementing the upgrading of urban wastewater management infrastructure works for sustainable water management and pollution reduction. 

The bridges and buildings we build, are made by adopting the latest technologies in sustainability, promoting health and safety as a priority around the world. 

By 2023, more than 90 percent of our construction backlog consisted of projects that contribute to the achievement of some of the United Nations' most important Sustainable Development Goals.

Promovăm o lume sustenabilă

Strategia noastră de sustenabilitate identifică sustenabilitatea infrastructurii și a șantierelor ca fiind cei doi piloni pe care se bazează angajamentul și reputația Webuild.

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